How to travel in Santorini island

Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines organized daily flights to Santorini from Athens International Airport The flight is takes you about 30 minutes long. Santorini Airport has also charters from many European towns. Santorini may also be reached by a high speed ferries and ferryboats from the port of Piraeus. Ferry takes you at least 8 hours. High speed ferries however provide faster service of 4 hours. Every day there are ferries connecting santorini with other islands.

How to get to the port to catch that ferry to Santorini - Hints & Tips

It's always a bit confusing traveling abroad, especially when you're not in an organized group. So here are Our HINTS & TIPS once you arrive in Athens Greece.
Travelling to and from Athens International Airport to the centre of Athens - follow on to Piraeus Port

Things to do at Santorini island

1. Santo wines in Pyrgos
Best Place for wine tasting. Didn’t like the Bread of the Cheese but then again didn’t ask if there were any other options. The view is impressive. A must!!

2. Ancient Thira
This 11th century BC Dorian settlement includes remains from Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

3. Santorini Trip
1 day excursion to the active volcano, hot sprigs, a bargain island Thirasia & famous sunset over the hill in Oia.

4. Red Beach
See a different really red beach.

5. Monastery of Profitis Ilias (highiest point)